Penn Fierce Spinning Reel Review – A High-Quality & Astonishingly Powerful Fishing Reel at A Reasonable Price

Penn Fierce Spinning Reel ReviewTear those fishes with this astonishing powerful new Penn Fierce Spinning Reel. Even when under load, the gears remain aligned because of the solid metal body. Consistent, smooth retrieves are facilitated by the combination of the four stainless steel bearings, machined-aluminum handle, Soft Touch knob and Techno-Balanced spool. This Penn reel comes with a low-profile, sleek handle knob.

Dependability and unmatched power are offered by the Fierce Spinning Reel by Penn at an affordable price point. It has a field-proven and oiled-felt drag system that is very reliable and it is solid enough to tame any fish you are after. This reel features a full metal body and the main shaft is made of stainless steel. It has been engineered to provide unfaltering performance no matter how rough the conditions are.


Durable construction and a smooth drive system are also featured by this Penn Fierce Spinning Reel, as a result of which years of dependable service will be delivered by this reel. Even under the heaviest loads, the precision gear remains in alignment thanks to the full metal body, and this makes this makes it an excellent reel, regardless of what species of fish you want to catch, whether freshwater or saltwater.

Sealed drag systems are also featured by the Fierce Spinning Reel by Penn that ensure top end performance. Instant hook set capabilities with a smooth feel are also offered by one instant anti-reverse bearing and four stainless steel ball bearings.

From the battle series of Penn reels, the Penn Fierce Spinning Reel is probably the cheaper version. However, despite the lesser ball bearings, it will still prove to be very smooth. In fact, it is a much better buy because of its price. You will be very satisfied once you buy this reel and it is sure to convince you to invest in other reel-less rods.

Main Features

1. Full Metal Body: Precise gear alignment is maintained by a full metal body, no matter how heavy the loads.

2. Infinite Anti-Reverse: Even the slightest rotor back play is eliminated by infinite anti-reverse as a result of which instant hook ups are ensured every time.

3. Techno-Balanced Rotor: A Techno-Balanced rotor is featured by this reel, which provides extra-smooth even under the heaviest pressure.

Features & Specifications

- Anodized and machined-aluminum handle.
- Four stainless steel bearings.
- Infinite anti-reverse.
- Soft Touch knob.
- Solid metal body.

Customer Reviews & Scores

The best place to learn what other buyers have said about this reel is to visit, but here’s a brief overview.

Almost 90% of the customers who have purchased the Penn Fierce Spinning Reel have claimed that it is an excellent product and is the best spinning reel for the money. Most of these buyers assure other prospective buyers like you that you will not be able to find a better spinning reel at such a reasonable price. Many of the buyers who purchased this reel already had experience with Penn fishing reels and found this one as satisfying as their previous ones.


You will be impressed once you use this reel extensively, especially to pull in some small barracudas while casting from shore and it will handle such fishing very well. The quality of this reel for the price will blow you away. This reel is cool looking, smooth and well-made, if you fish for freshwater catfish, this reel will work extremely well. You can even load a 30 pound test line with it and find out how great it is at casting. You can even pair it with a Daiwa beefstick and it will hold plenty of line, while reeling nice and smooth.


Constant and prolonged fishing in saltwater may cause quicker wear and tear, based on a very small number of reviews on


Overall, the Penn Fierce Spinning Reel has rightfully been rated 4.4 out of 5 stars based on the overall rating of buyers who now own this reel. With this reel, you will end up bringing unparalleled power to do most of the work for you. It has been built to last and is dependable, so for the big haul, the Fierce Spinning Reel from Penn makes a great buy. You will be able to enjoy comfort and smooth retrieves while fishing with this reel.